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The Heritage Holidays

1 Kolkata Heritage Walk
  • Stunning iconic landmarks of Kolkata
  • Walk with professional guides
  • Splendid historic tales from the pre-independence era.
  • Magnificent Victorian architecture.
  • Breathtaking views of the lesser-known and quaint spots.
  • Delicious street foods to savor based on availability.
  • Enjoy Bengal’s unique sweets.
Bhimbetka - Sanchi (3N 4D)
  • Earliest traces of human life and evidence of the prehistoric era.
  • More than 750 rock shelters and caves in Bhimbetka.
  • Collection of rock paintings and ancient artifacts can be witnessed.
  • Sanchi Stupas, one of the oldest and most important Buddhist Architectures in India.
Heritage package 3 - Hyderabad
  • Complete professional guide walking you through the city.
  • Walk along the Food trails with Food Commissioner to curate.
  • Shopping at Lad Bazar.
Kolkata – Mayapur - Murshidabad - Shantiniketan (5N 6D)
  • A heritage walk through the city of Kolkata accompanied by a professional guide.
  • Unique boating experience on the Ganges.
  • good food and shopping in all places.
  • Visit of Mayapur, ISKON temple.
  • Visit tothe historical town of Murshidabad.
  • Visit of Tagore’s Ashram - the legacy of the Great Rabindranath Tagore.
  • A complete walkthrough of heritage city with a professional guide.
  • Opportunity to walk in the food trails.
  • Lucknow Chikan - Local specialty.
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