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Bhutan - Phuentsholing - Thimphu - Punakha - Paro (6N 7D)
  • Witness a majestic and panoramic view of the world Himalayas, among which Bhutan rests.
  • Explore Paro, which explodes with colours and different cultural traditions of Bhutan.
  • Visit the tiny capital of Thimphu.
  • A hike to Taktsang Monastery -' Tiger's Nest'- is one of Bhutan's most famous monasteries.
  • Exploring through Punakha Dzong – the most beautiful monastery in Bhutan.
  • Visit Tashichho Dzong
  • Visit Chime Lhakhang - the oldest & most sacred shrines in Bhutan.
  • Witness Bhutanese culture, tradition, and day to day lifestyles of Bhutanese people.
Bhutan Package 2 - Paro - Thimphu - Wangdue - Bumthang - Haa - Paro
  • Witness majestic views of the world's greatest Himalayas from the flight itself.
  • Explore Paro exploding with colors and traditions.
  • Visit the tiny capital of Thimphu.
  • Hike till the Taktsang Monastery, or 'Tiger's Nest,' a well-known monastery in Bhutan.
  • Visit Punakha Dzong – one of the most famous and beautiful monasteries in Bhutan.
  • Visit to Tashichho Dzong
  • Visit Chime Lhakhang - the oldest & most sacred shrines in Bhutan.
  • A visit to the three shrines built in Nepali, Tibetan, and Bhutanese style in Haa valley
  • Participate in Bhutanese culture, tradition, and everyday lifestyles of Bhutanese locals.
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