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Dooars Delights
  • Jungle safari at Chilapata National Park
  • A visit to the Leopard Rescue Centre
  • Witnessing the indigenous Toto tribe
  • Jungle Safari at Gorumara
  • Birdwatching at Kolakham and Charkhol
  • Beautiful view of Kangchenjunga from the popular location of Charkhol.
Dooars Diaries
  • Jungle safari at GorumaraForest
  • Jungle safari at Chilapata Forest
  • Tribal Dance
  • Tonga ride through tea gardens
  • The confluence of the river Kalchini, Bania and Buri Basra
  • Breath-taking Sikiajhora Boat safari
  • Samabeong Organic tea garden
  • Rare bird watching
  • View of Kangchenjunga
  • Jungle Safari by Jeep
  • Boating on River
  • Tribal Dance
  • Local cuisine
  • View of Kanchenjunga at Sunrise.
  • Lava monastery
  • Tea garden
  • Migratory and Himalayan birds
  • Fresh river fish
Wild Dooars
  • Thrilling forest& wildlife experience.
  • Enthralling natural landscapes.
  • Welcoming people.
  • Wonderful delicacies.
  • Scenic view of small villages, tea gardens, and orchards.
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