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Birding – Latpanchar - Lava - Neora Valley - Kolakham
  • Professional Guide/Birder throughout the Trip.
  • Birding Adventure in Latpanchar and Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Birding Activities in Lava.
  • Birding in Chowdaferi and Neora Valley National park, a UNESCO World Heritage Center.
  • Kolakham an off-beat destination.
Birding – Singalia National Park
  • Panoramic views of sunrise on the Himalayan Range.
  • Spot rare species of birds and animals in the Singalila National Park.
  • Epic opportunity to spot Red Panda.
  • Sunrise and Sunset views from Tumling and Sandakphu viewpoints.
  • Enjoy staying at Darjeeling.
Birding– Jhalong- Gorumara - Gajoldoba
  • Accommodation in Eco-village and Jungle Resorts throughout the trip.
  • Witness a traditional cultural program along with Tribal Dance.
  • Boat Safari at Gajoldoba for wetland Birding Adventure.
  • Woodland Birding at Baikunthapur Forest.
  • Birding at Jhalong.
  • Visiting the Jaldhaka Hydro electricity project.
  • Jungle Safari at Gorumara for Birding.
Birding: Gajoldoba - Gorumara - Jaldapara - Jayanti (5N 6D)
  • Accommodations in Eco-villages and Jungle resorts throughout the journey.
  • Witness the Tribal Dance and a traditional cultural program.
  • Experience Boat Safari for Birding at the wetlands of Gajoldoba.
  • Experience the unique Woodland Birding at Baikunthapur Forest.
  • Enjoying Birding and Jungle safari at Gorumara and Jaldapara National Forests.
  • Adventurous Birding and Trekking at Buxa Tiger Reserve, Buxa Fort, and Jayanti.
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